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Feeling Gorgeous Homes Feeling Gorgeous Homes Feeling Gorgeous Homes

Finding and creating a happy healthy home

Feeling Gorgeous Homes

Home Sales




Do you feel overwhelmed with clutter and don't know where to start?  

If so we can help.

doTerra Essential Oils


Essential oils are a great tool for helping you de-clutter and we can tell you how.

Home Staging


Staging your home when you are trying to sell is really important and can create quicker sales and a higher price.

Energy Clearing


Negative energy in the home can affect your health and happiness. We use a variety of different tools to help clear this.

Services and Prices

Our services and prices are designed to suit all budgets.

We have a  variety of different services and prices to suit all budgets.



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About Us

About Us

I do this by  de-cluttering, home-staging and using essential oils for a toxic free home.  Whatever

I'm Annette Gardner and I specialise in creating beautiful spaces for you and your family to relax and make your home a warm and lovely place to support you.  

Feeling Gorgeous Services



Home Sales

Home Staging 

Energy Clearing 

Essential Oils Shop


FGH Loves


I work with a variety of different companies and services including feng shui consultants, garden and interior designers, soft furnishers, stylists, gardeners and an estate agent.  I am always adding to the list of people so if you your business fits with Feeling Gorgeous Homes don't hesitate to contact me. 

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