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Is your home a sanctuary or are you overwhelmed with clutter.  I know the feeling – I’ve been there!  It can weigh you down and create blocks in your life and health.   Clutter is a reflection of what you feel inside so in clearing your clutter you are clearing your mind and you’ll feel so much lighter and happier.

Working with someone to help clear the clutter is easier than trying to do it yourself as a third party can help to rise above emotional attachments and suggest ways to release items you no longer need.  I am also trained as an empowerment coach so I will approach you and your clutter in a sympathetic way and at the end of the day the decision is yours as to what to keep and what not to.

I also work with essential oils and these can help the whole process flow more easily.   So before we start I will go through with you oils that might help make the task easier and to see how you feel about them.

I offer many levels of clearing for you whether its just general advice or coming along to your home to do it with you so there is a service for every budget.   

I also help people who are clearing a home after the death of a loved one which can be very emotional and I'm there to offer understanding and support as well as practical advice on how to clear it.

De-cluttering - areas where I can help:-

*  Home Office

*  Moving - packing up and unpacking

*  Downsizing

*  Children's spaces

*  After a bereavement

*  Wardrobe

*  Garage

*  Garden Sheds

*  Lofts

*  Greenhouses

*  All other areas of your home

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