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doTerra Essential Oils

I have been working with doTerra for some years now and  have come to the conclusion that they are the best essential oils on the market.  They have their own certification CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade), are organic and not tested on animals.   

The oils are so versatile - helping both with health and wellness challenges as well as providing you with a toxic free option for using in your your home and with your family.  Today there are so many chemicals and toxins in our food and cleaning products that its really worth looking into other options.  If you suffer from skin conditions, digestive problems or headaches its worth looking at another way to manage these rather than just rushing to the doctor for a way to deal with the symptoms.  These products get to the root of the problem and, observing the health and safety guidelines, have no side effects.

The oils are particularly good  for supporting the emotions and doTerra has a wonderful selection of blends as well as single oils that can help.  Each oil has an emotional meaning and I can help you decide which one might help you whilst we are de-cluttering.  This will help you understand why you want to hold onto things that no longer serve you so that the whole process flows much more easily and painlessly for you.  I have found this to be a fantastic tool as well as making your house smell wonderful! 

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If you would like to know more about essential oils whether its on a one-to-one basis or a class for you and your friends please contact me below.  You can also check out the oils at my shop but contact me if you are interested to find out how to get discounts.


Bespoke Aromatherapy Bracelets

Choose your own crystal and essential

Beautiful aromatherapy bracelets made from genuine crystals and lava beads to hold doTerra essential oils to help balance  your emotions.

Each crystal has an emotional meaning as does the oil so the combination of the two is a powerful way to uplift your life.

For example choose from:-

* Carnelian and Motivate blend of essential oils to  to feel motivated

* Amethyst and Lavender if you have trouble sleeping

* Lapis and Wild Orange for stress

* Rose Quartz and Passion or Rose for Love

* Tigers Eye and Motivate for Courage and Protection

* Hematite and Balance for grounding and feeling safe 

With or without pendants - shape to be discussed.

Why not make a memory bracelet?  I made one using an earring my mother had given me and I'd lost the other one and added this to  rose quartz for love  ombined this with rose essential oil.

Prices start from £15.00 for a bracelet plus cost of a bottle of doTerra Essential Oil (prices starting at £9.00)

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