Having moved home last year with a fair amount of ‘stuff’, a lot of it has been stored in the spare bedroom of my new flat. This included boxes, bags and paperwork from my loft in my previous apartment. I am on a healing journey from cancer, so have not had the energy or motivation to sort through it all, it felt too overwhelming on my own. Annette came in and instantly had a plan of how to reorganise and declutter by utilising the fitted wardrobe space more effectively for storage and tackling one box or bag at a time. I wanted to keep my Mum’s china that I inherited in a safe space which Annette managed to fit in the top of the wardrobe and we then made a space for stationery and then wellness products, which is how I wanted to store things - by subject, so they are easier to find.
Annette helped me sort through items for the charity shop or to throw away and we made surprisingly good progress in three hours. I felt a real sense of achievement from a very productive afternoon and have booked another session to continue in a few weeks time, to pace myself as it can be emotionally as well as physically tiring. Annette took that pressure off and her friendly, organised and compassionate way of working was just what I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help to declutter their home.
Trixie Sams, East Sussex 

Energy Clearing

In addition to practical advice on how to arrange your living space for a happy and pleasant ambiance I was amazed at the accuracy of some of the things that were picked up on - including a recent battle with a rogue plumber that was creating negative energy in the main bathroom.  I was also given practical suggests for improvements ranging from use of colour and placement of pictures the walls to crystals.  I followed their advice and it worked.   The idea that the house you live in stores 'energy' from previous events, inhabitants or emotional trauma made sense tome anomy home felt happier and calmer after the visit.   Whether you want to address a specific problem such as troublesome neighbours, 'cleanse' your house of the energy of previous inhabitants or heal the legacy of an emotional upheaval and start again with a clean slate then Feeling Gorgeous Homes is feng shui with bells on!  Karen, London

Home Staging

Recently we completed on a property in Claygate for over £1.5mill. The property was empty and even though it was in excellent presentation it lacked emotion.   Annette Gardner from Feeling Gorgeous Homes advised the vendors to home stage the main living areas and the master bedroom as most buyers buy with emotion and having the property staged buyers can very quickly visualise seeing themselves living in the property.  Annette's choice of modern and contemporary furnishings created the lived-in feel and we we able to secure a buyer very quickly. I can highly recommend her services.  Sandra Tooley Castor Bay

Finding Your Purpose

Annette  has vast life experience and the quality and effectiveness of her focus  in the Finding Your Purpose session helped to identify my key skills and abilities to take me forward on a second, clear  career path.  A positive, useful and enjoyable experience which exceeded expectations.  Thoroughly recommend Annette! Mrs Meggitt, West Sussex.